The Raiders have a franchise quarterback and a No. 1 receiver

Pending the outcome of the Malcolm Butler situation, the Saints have a pair of first-round picks. Those two picks would go a long way toward fixing a defense in perpetual Cheap Houston Rockets Jerseys need of fixing. In this mock, they get a pass rusher, Derek Barnett, and a good corner, Sidney Jones. There’s still a lot of work to do, but grabbing a pair of players who could be cornerstones is a nice start.

Had Washington wide receiver John Ross broken the combine 40 record eight years ago, he’d be a sure bet for the Raiders since Al Davis was still making the picks back then. The elder Davis is gone, replaced by his own Baby Huey who was smart enough to hire a good general manager and get out of the way.

The Raiders have a franchise quarterback and a No. 1 receiver, the two toughest pieces of the puzzle for teams to find. Throw in another pass catcher like Ross, one who can burn up the field on nine routes, and you’ve got an offense that’s damn hard to defend, even for a secondary like Denver’s.

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